Shipping Seafood Safely and Easily


When frozen fish delivery, you need to be especially careful. Slight temperature fluctuations can ruin the product and potentially cost your company money.

The good news is that, as the online seafood industry has expanded and matured, so have the technologies for delivering fresh-caught fish right to your doorstep. From flash-frozen filets and shellfish shipped in styrofoam boxes for one-time purchases to recurring subscriptions, frozen fish delivery services have become a multi-billion-dollar business offering the buying public a wide variety of seafood to choose from.

Delivered Fresh to Your Door: Frozen Fish Delivery Services

As a result, frozen fish delivery is now a fully-fledged industry delivering delicious seafood to people’s doors with the added benefits of transparency and sustainability. Many of these companies even have detailed records that show exactly where your fish came from, when it was caught and how far it traveled to get to you.

Shipping frozen fish involves the use of well-insulated packaging materials and high-quality ice packs or dry ice to maintain a low, cold environment for the entire trip. The best insulated packages have outer boxes made of durable cardboard with inner styrofoam coolers that fit tightly within. The styrofoam coolers are often filled with gel packs or dry ice to maintain the required temperature for the duration of the shipment.

When shipping frozen fish across state lines or internationally, be sure to research and comply with the specific regulations governing the transportation of frozen goods in your destination region. In addition, minimizing the length of time that your frozen fish spends out of the freezer will help ensure its freshness and quality upon arrival. Choosing a reliable shipper is also important to make certain that your package is properly handled and shipped.

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