The Real World Andrew Tate Review

the real world andrew tate

The real world ai is a membership-based community taught by former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate, who also has several business ventures. The program teaches members how to create wealth and achieve financial freedom. Members get access to resources and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, along with a 280,000-member community of like-minded individuals. It is not an outright scam, but there are many red flags that should give pause to potential customers. Tate’s lack of transparency and his emphasis on taking unethical shortcuts could land followers in legal trouble down the road. Additionally, his insistence that an alpha male mindset is the key to success echoes dangerously outdated views on gender.

Andrew Tate Unleashed: Real Talk for Real World Triumph”

Despite being banned from social media platforms and losing his payment processing account, TRW has managed to stay alive through its “matrix attack” defense. Tate created an alternative server called The Real World, or TRW, and migrated all his students from Hustlers University over to the new platform. He claims this is because he wanted to make the course more secure and better equipped to resist matrix attacks.

The site also encourages its members to flood Tiktok, Instagram Reels and YouTube with repurposed Tate videos and a unique sign-up link. Members receive 48 percent of the sales commission from new recruits who sign up through their link. This is known as pyramid marketing, and it is a violation of federal law. This practice has led to multiple lawsuits against The Real World and its founder, including one from a family who was exploited by the platform’s “affiliate marketing” scheme.

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