Commercial Playground Equipment

Whether at recess, a family day at the park or a community event at the local church or school, play is an essential part of children’s development. It helps them grow physically, socially and emotionally. Orca Coast Playground offer a safe environment for children to explore their creativity, learn problem-solving skills and improve motor skills.

What is the most popular playground equipment?

Commercial playground equipment is designed with a variety of activities in mind to meet the needs of various age groups. Smaller, themed structures are a natural fit for a childcare center while more thrilling climbers may be better suited to an elementary school or public park.

Most commercial play structures feature safety surfacing such as wood mulch, synthetic turf, rubber or poured-in-place rubber that serves to absorb falls and protect children from harsh ground surfaces. Safety surfacing also ensures that if a child falls from the playground equipment, they won’t hurt themselves on hard ground or on other surfaces like concrete.

Because they are made to serve large numbers of children over long periods of time, commercial playground equipment is typically stronger and more durable than residential options. For example, thick roto molded plastic is better suited to commercial play areas while thin, walled metal is typically used in residential playgrounds.

Most notably, commercial playgrounds often feature more options when it comes to theme and color schemes than residential options. This allows them to match the theme of a particular space or event and help spark kids’ imaginations. It also helps them stand out against surrounding natural landscapes, which can give their installations a more dramatic and fun appearance.

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