Womens Gym Bottoms

womens gym bottoms

women’s gym bottoms  have to meet a high standard, ranging from fabric that’s stretchy and breathable to fit and function. We looked for options that were thick enough to be squat-proof but still breathable, and comfortable with an interior waist drawcord to prevent slipping down every few strides—plus they must look stylish and feel like a second skin when worn.

We also considered whether the pants were eco-friendly and/or organic and priced reasonably, keeping in mind that there’s nothing worse than wasting money on a pair of leggings that fall down mid sweat or reveal your gym mates to all the world while you’re doing a set of burpees. This pair is a clear winner, thanks to an impressively secure waistband that holds in the core and a triangular gusset for easy movement.

Rise Above the Rest: A Guide to High-Waisted Gym Leggings for Enhanced Comfort and Confidence

Strategist former fashion director Dena Silver says this minimalist legging from Everlane “feels like nothing at all.” She notes that they’re “ideal for lower-impact workouts,” such as yoga, barre and Pilates. However, their light color can show sweat stains, so you might want to opt for darker shades for high-impact workouts such as running or cardio. This pair is a good value for its sleek look and soft, thick fabric that’s squat-proof and breathable.

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