Branded Mats

branded mats

Branded mats provide a perfect way to highlight your company’s branding or welcome message at the entrance of any commercial premises. Often used in vestibules, foyers or lobbies, branded doormats ensure that your company’s branding is always visible to all visitors and customers, while also protecting interior floors from damaging dirt, grit and moisture.

All-weather berber logo mats feature a dense high/low hobnail surface that scrapes shoes clean, removing dirt and debris. These heavy-duty indoor mats are designed for highly trafficked areas and are ideal for 1-2 color designs. Logo mats featuring a vinyl link construction are suitable for wet or damp areas and are well suited for a variety of printing options. Logo coir mats are made with coarse coconut husk fibers that act like bristles to brush shoe soles clean. These eco-friendly mats are inlaid rather than printed, producing a durable, fade resistant image.

Unveiling Your Brand with Elegance: The Art of Designing Branded Mats

A rubber logo mat can add a touch of luxury to any business or office environment. They are particularly suited for use in front of point-of-purchase displays, where your brand can be seen hundreds of times every day. Rubber mats are also a smart choice for retail stores that need to reduce the risk of slipping and falling.

For workers that spend a lot of time standing, an anti-fatigue logo mat is a great way to promote corporate wellness initiatives and help alleviate ergonomic issues such as foot pain and back pain. Whether for a security guard, pharmacist, store cashier, mortician or other work area that requires a lot of standing, an anti-fatigue mat will help keep your employees happy and healthy.

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