Fishing For Marlin

Fishing for Marlin

Fishing for Marlin is a sport of patience marked by hours of waiting, but when the right conditions present themselves you can see and feel the line move through the water. It is a rush like no other and it can make even the most experienced anglers giddy.

Marlin are a large pelagic species that is found in both tropical and temperate ocean waters. They are a migratory species and travel long distances in the ocean currents in search of food. The larger Blue, Black and Striped Marlin can be caught throughout the world, but are most commonly caught off the coast of Mexico where some of the biggest marlin ever recorded have been landed (including Choy’s monster). Read more

The Thrill of the Chase: Exciting Marlin Fishing Stories and Experiences

A member of the tuna family, it is believed that marlin eat smaller members of their own species in order to survive. They are voracious predators and use their bill to slice and bash their prey. They are also known for their fighting abilities and can put up a good fight on rod and reel.

Generally speaking, most marlin are caught using baits of 1-10lb in size. Small members of the tuna family such as skipjack and bonito are the most common live baits used for this purpose. These baits can be caught by trolling or by slow trollng near the area where Marlin are known to gather.

There are four different species of Marlin, Blue, Black, Striped and White. They can be identified by a pointed dorsal fin that never rises higher than their body depth and their rounded pectoral fins that cannot be folded flat.

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