Strength and Functional Fitness

The ability to move is more important than strength alone, and functional fitness combines both aspects into one comprehensive training program.

What are the three principles of strength?

Developing strength and mobility is not an exact science, but it can be done by training your body to perform movements that are familiar and easy to do. The result is a more balanced and efficient body, and a healthier lifestyle overall.

Functional Strong and Fit workouts can help you improve your everyday activities, such as climbing stairs, lifting a heavy door, picking up a squirming toddler, putting your suitcase in the overhead storage bin on a plane, and much more.

They also reduce your risk of injury and enhance balance, coordination and sense of movement.

The best functional strength exercises are those that involve your whole body and move your joints through their full range of motion. This is a big difference from static, machine-based weightlifting exercises, where your joints move up and down, or even a squat, which moves in only one direction.

You can find a wide variety of functional fitness exercises in your local gym. They include exercises that simulate movements you would do in your daily life, such as a squat, dead lift, lunges and more.

These exercises build on the strength you have already gained by introducing resistance, which builds additional muscle and can also help burn fat more efficiently. You can even combine different functional exercises in a single routine, such as squats and box jumps, to diversify your workout.

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