What I Need to Know About Marquee Hire

Marquee hire is a very popular choice of venue for many events, from dinner parties to large scale exhibitions. With modern flooring, heating systems and a wide range of sizes available, marquees can be used at all times of the year.

Can you join two marquees together?

Traditional marquees are perfect for many occasions and ooze elegance. They are often a popular choice for weddings, but they can also be great for other events such as birthday parties and anniversaries.

How much space do I need?

Usually the size of a marquee is dependent on how many guests you plan to have and what kind of seating arrangements you require. You should aim to have enough room for a few tables with chairs, a dance floor and seating around these.

The flooring should be suitable for the type of event that you are planning and should be clean, tidy and easy to keep clear of dirt. If the ground is grassy then carpeting or ground cover should be used to prevent damage.

Power requirements

If you are planning on using lighting, catering or a band then it is essential that you have adequate power to support these elements. You should make sure that the hirer you are working with can supply the amount of power that you need to run all your equipment and that they have plenty of spares on hand in case they get caught short!

Choosing the right hirer can be difficult, but it is vital that you choose one with the experience and knowledge to deliver a successful event. At Molly’s we can help you every step of the way and make recommendations to ensure that your marquee hire will be a success, so don’t hesitate to contact us via our inbox or enquiry form!

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