What to Look For in a Solar Panel Inverter

solar panel inverter

Solar panel inverters change the direct current (DC) electricity captured by your panels into alternating current (AC). This is essential for your home to use solar power safely.

The size of your solar system will determine which inverter you need to purchase. There are many factors to consider, including the amount of energy you need from day to day and how much storage you will require. Read more solar power inverter | ShopSolarKits.com

You can have your inverter hooked up to the grid or you can run it independently from the power company, known as off-grid. Typically, the latter option means you don’t have to worry about battery storage and will save lots of money on your power bill.

Anti-island protection: This feature prevents your solar panel system from sending excess electricity to the grid in case of a power outage. This will protect people inside your house and electricians working on faults from being electrocuted.

Choosing the Right Solar Panel Inverter: Factors to Consider

Efficiency: Your solar panel inverter’s efficiency is the ratio between its output and input power. A higher efficiency number means a better performing unit.

Temperature: As with most electronic equipment, inverters work best when they are operating at a temperature that is comfortable for them to be exposed to. The safest operating temperature range for inverters is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep this in mind when comparing products.

Smart inverters:

Today’s inverters have more features than ever before, from two-way communications with the grid to helping you generate net energy credits. Some smart inverters even let you monitor your solar system through a web app or control panel that you can access from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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